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      Crosby Doe

      I am trying to replace an old Moen single-handle replacement cartridge (#1225) in my shower. After I have removed the retainer clip, I attempt to rotate the old cartridge 1/4 turn, left-to-right, using the “white plastic tool”, which was included in the new cartridge kit. My problem is that the old cartridge will not turn, even after significant pressure using pliers. If I increase the pressure, I am afraid I will strip or break the white plastic tool provided. My guess is that there is trash of some sort (perhaps a rubber piece of the old cartridge) prohibiting me from rotating the cartridge. Can anybody offer suggestions in how to get this old cartridge removed? Thanks for your help.

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      Sometimes the cartridge can be a bear to remove.Moen has a steel cartridge removing tool that you might have to purchase.Check with a plumbing shop.Even with the tool it can be a pain.What usually happens is you end up pulling the stem out of the cartridge and then you got a problem.Might have to call a plumber.I have actually had to heat up the faucet body to remove a frozen cartridge.Good luck

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