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        I live in a small township with a community (shared) well. Every time the power goes out, we also lose water pressure as there is no backup generator on the pump. Is there anything I can do at my home (or on my property) to be able to maintain any amount of pressure during a power outage? I have read about Pressure Tanks, but not sure if those would work in this situation. We lose power quite often and are trying to figure out any way that we won’t lose water for hours at a time. (A private well is not an option due to area restrictions.)

        Any suggestions at all are very appreciate.

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          You might look into installing an atmospheric storage tank that would be controlled by a float switch that would control a solenoid valve to control the water flow into the tank. You would then need a pump to repressuirze the water and deliver it to your fixtures. That pump would need some type of pressure tank to enable it to shut off while you used water or, a very small one to stop water hammer and then the pump would run constantly while you used water. All pumps are basically rated continous duty so running while you use water is not a problem. That is better than repeated starts for very little water use.

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      Viewing 1 reply thread
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