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      Hello – Here’s my issue. As i was in the process of stipping my standup shower of paint i came across the fact that it is leaking. The floor did not have a sealant on it and the caulk was a bit shotty so i thought this was the problem. After a nice caulk job along the bottom and the wall corners i added 2 coats of latex paint to the floor. After all was cured i turned the shower on and it still leaked. I did a little testing to verify where the leak was coming from. I held a bucket under the shower head to catch the water. I caught every drop and noticed it STILL LEAKED. I then poured the water directly down the drain and DID NOT NOTICE A LEAK. This tells me that i have a pip leaking on the other side of my shower wall. I was planning on dealing with the issue and thought maybe a second opinion is the better way to go before i start ripping down walls. Thx for helping. cgp

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      If your situation is as you describe, you have answered your question. There is a leak in the supply pipes between the shower diverter valve and the showerhead, behind the wall. That is the only explanation for a leak that occurs when you open the shower valve and collect, as you say, “every drop” of water that emits from the shower head.


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