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        Help!!!! I purchased a (Reliance 606 30 Gal) water heater from a local True Value Hardware store Well, the water Heater wasn’t so reliable “despite the name” the first purchase was in 1998 the water heater started leaking in 2001 and it had a five year warranty so we exchanged the water heater with no problem besides having to pay someone to install it. A year or so later the second water heater was leaking we called the True Value store and they said they would only warranty it once even though the water heater has a manufactured date on it of 1998 (within five years) and we have only owned it a year. I have worked in retail management and I don’t know where the store states that a warranty is not applicable on defective merchandise upon exchange. My wife called the store and the store said that they don’t warranty water heaters in our town because of our water. Prior to purchasing the first water heater, I had not replaced my original water heater for 20 years and it worked well throughout. My neighbor has had her water heater for 30 years and its still going strong. The issue is that these water heaters were defective the model no longer exists (I can see why) I need a phone # for Reliance or some way to exchange this while its still under the warranty. John911

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        Avatar photobheptig

          Good luck I sure haven’t had any luck with my brand new Reliance. The help line number is 800/365-5031. I am going to post my problem with Reliance in a little while. As far as I am concerned their water heaters are junk.

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          Avatar photojohn911

            Thanks for the help (bheptig) and the # for Reliance they told me that my even though water heater was manufactured in 2000 and I only owned it for a year that they would not replace it because the warranty (5 years) was combined between the two water heaters and even though a brand new water heater was defective and only lasted a year, we have to buy a new one.


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            Avatar photobheptig

              So John, guess you and I both found out the hard way just how good a company Reliance is, huh? So now we can go buy another new UnReliable Reliance, yeah right !!!!!

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