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        I live in an rural area of Italy were we rely on water from a well which is pumped into various tanks for use by several living units. My apartment is on the roof level (third floor) about 20 or so feet of the ground. We are currently using a pump to supply pressure at the level of the tank which is situated on our main terrace adjacent to our kitchen. Although the pressure is fine all around, the pump often (once or twice a minute) kicks in even when no demand is made on the system. This creates a noise nuisance and I believe will also damage this pump which was replaced after problems with previous pumps. Is there a way to eliminate this ‘repressurization’ with some ‘intelligent’ device that will let the pump know when it’s actually time to kick in? The tank and pump are currently on the floor, below all spouts etc..

        If there is no easy and economic solution to this, can the tank and pump be placed on the ground level so that the noise will not be a factor.

        Thanks for any help with this!

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        Avatar photoGarySlusser

          It seems as if you have a leak which is causing the pump to refill the tanks. It may be on the water source side, or the house side. If there’s a means to shut off the water from the tanks, do so and if the pump stops running as it is, turn one tank on and see if the problem returns. If so, whatever that tank feeds, has a leak. If no leaks on the house side look at the source side.

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      Viewing 1 reply thread
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