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        I have a bathtub/shower that has started showing water damage along where the wall meets the shower. This is the opposite end from the shower head & facet.

        My tub/shower is made up of two pieces (sort of a plastic material. The bottome piece makes up the tub and a top piece surrounds the walls and is caulked to the bottom piece. I have made sure all areas are caulked, but this doesn’t help the leak. It almost seems to be coming from behind the shower? It is perplexing because it is at the opposite end from the shower head and that area of the shower doesn’t even get very wet during a shower.

        What should I do to find the source of this leak and stop it before it ruins my wallpaper?

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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          Y>ou sure it is not leaking at shower end, check it out. It might be leaking there and running around to back are where it uis caulked it could be there. Can you dump some colored water around the tub and wall and see if thats where it is.

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