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      Our hot water is fed from a Gas Hot Water Heater located in the Attic. The problem is that you must waste a considerable amount of water until hot water arrives at the faucet, especially the master bath shower. Furthermore, when the hot water does arrive at our shower head, it has only mediocre pressure.

      What can I do to fix my hot water/low pressure woes?

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      You could install a circulating pump are just a return line, check you shower head and see if it is not full of lime.

      Art retired plbg

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      Would suggest the delivery delay from hot water tank yo the shower could be overcome by fitting a recirculating device – contact this person for details and pricing : Steve Rork


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      Regarding the issue of poor pressure – if the hot water heater is in the attic is it feed directly from the cold water supply from the street or via some kind of pressure reducing device/valve or a supply tank? If it is the later then the pressure is related directly to the “head” of water above the outlet. If the water heater is feed from the street supply directly then it sounds like either the shower rose is blocked with some foreign materials or the inlet/outlet water pipes at the water heater are restricted somewhat.
      Have a Plumber check them out for you and while he is there ask for a quote to install the above recirculator device.

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