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      I lost pressure in im welll water pump. I got pressure back but keep losing it. The pump seems to be working, it just takes forever for the pressure to build back up and then as soon as I run water again I lose the pressure again. I have a bladder tank. Do I need to pressurize it? Or maybe the switch needs replaced? Thanks for any help you can give me. spatn@zbzoom.net

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      Turn on the water and watch the pressure gauge. Note the pressure the pump turn on and off at. It should be a 20# difference I.E 30/50 psi.

      Check the air pressure in the tank wit hno water in the tank. It should be 1-2 psi less than the pressure setting to turn on the pump. I. E. 29-28 psi for 30 psi cut-in. If not adjust as needed.

      If you don’t have a captive air precharged tank, drain your tank and then refill it. If you have an automatic air volume control on the tank search web on http://www.google.com for AVC + “pressure tank” exactly like that and read about them.

      If your pump can’t produce the pressure to shut itself off, you have a leak somewhere or the pump needs to be checked out electrically.

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