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      I would like to switch my disposal to the opposite side of sink (buying a new sink). Can I do this without plumbing problems? Right now the main drain to the wall is on the non-disposal side. The disposal piping sits higher than the opposite drain and then tees to the wall. Can we switch this and have the non-disposal side to flow toward the disposal side and then tee out to the wall? Any cautions?

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      No what ever you do with disp. the other sink has to tee into disp.

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      You can put a y fitting on the drain line coming out of the wall and run seperate lines to the disposer and to the other side of the sink.If you do this each side will have to have seperate p traps.The non disposer side of the sink does not have to run into the disposer .The main thing is to put a p trap on the disposer and a p trap on the ” non disposer” side as well. Actually when a disposer kit,with a diverter tee,is used the disposer side of the sink runs into the ”non disposer ”side of the sink .

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