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      I live in a 2 story apt–I have the lower unit. When resident upstairs would use one of the bath sinks in the morning, I would hear loud banging noise in the wall–only in the morning. I believe he used hot water, turning faucet on and off rapidly. Plumber came, but he went into wall to secure pipes nearer a different sink in their apt. I have not heard the noise recently, so perhaps it is fixed. But I wonder—even though water obviously flows down the drainpipe directly below the sink, could the pipes that send water to the sink originate in a totally different spot—if so, they could have been the ones that were banging, which would make sense. Thanks

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      We try to get the main pipes as close to fix. as you can it depends on the layout, the pvc waste pipe makes a noise when hot water is run into them they expand and if holes are to small in wood they make a noise.

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