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      Avatar photoMichael D. Smith

        OK bare with me Im not a plumber. We have a hunting cabin and need to change the water tank.Done that.(bladder 20 gal tank from lowes)The problem is I cannot get water to go in the tank.The water will go down the lines and to the house.But when I shut the line off going in the house the pump just sits there and runs.Plenty of pressure through out the house as long as the pump is on.the tank is empty and has air pressure on it.The main cut off is open.But for some reason the tank will not fill up.Been working on this for 5 days now and im at the end of the foot valve! Any help would be greatly apreciated!Thanks,Teddy

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        Avatar photoGarySlusser

          If you have no blockage in the tee to the tank, or the inlet to the tank, then water will flow into the tank. The bladder could be blocking the inlet to the tank.

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          Avatar photonicktheplumber

            Sounds like the bladder is “stuck” in the low position. In that case you cannot fill the tank with water…it’s essentially as if you had no tank at all and just connected the pump directly to the cabin supply pipes. If you connected the tank correctly Ii.e. the pump feeds to the “inlet” on the tank and the house pipe is connected to the “outlet,” then you have a defective tank.


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            Avatar phototraderteddy

              OK! I got it fixed.I removed the tank,turned it upside down and felt of the bladder.We tried several times to push the bladder in and it wouldnt move. We removed all the “factory air” and got it to release.Hooked it back up and it started filling up.My thoughts are that it was over filled with air and was bulging out the elbo fitting for so long it just got stuck to the other peice of rubber.Thanks to Gary and Nick for leading me in the right direction.Now I got to go back tomorrow with a air tank!The help here was Deeply appreciated !Thanks again,Teddy

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