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      Chris Thomas

      What’s the best method for getting these compression fittings (LDR Ind) to work with plastic pipe. Also,do you use some kind of lubrication on the threads?

      My new frig and the dishwasher both have a clear plastic plastic pipe for the water supply line. 1/4″ for the frig and 3/8″ for the DW. I’ve got a new shutoff with dual 3/8″ compression fitting outputs for these two units. I’ve bought the proper conversion fitting for 1/4 to 3/8.

      Seems when I crank down on the nut, the inside farrel doesn’t stay straight. Of course you can only see this once the thing leaks and you take it apart.

      How hard do you crank these nuts down?
      Do you use some kind of pipe dope?
      How do you keep the farrel straight?

      Thanx to all..


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      Crank, no. It deforms the ferrule and that causes leaks. You tighten finger tight and one or two full turns and check for leaks. If it leaks, depressurize and go another 1/4 turn to half a turn and check again. Repeat as needed. Nothing on the ferrule or nut. Perferably an insert in the end of the tubing.

      Quality Water Associates

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      Thanks Gary. I’ll give that a try. The tubing insert and plastic ferrule were a mystery to me until now.

      Here’s to not getting wet….

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