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      looking for best way to seperate glued flange pvc from pvc pipe. so far plan of attack is to saw flange off flush to pipe then chip/dremel tool rest of it out. Prep, prime, cement new flange in. Kind of a daunting task. Any advice on easier/better way would be much appreciated.

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      Thats the only way . If the flange is 4″ then after you cut flange a 1/4″ below floor you can glue a 3″ in its place. A 3″ flange will fit into 4″ pipe.

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      Cutting out plastic waste fittings and gluing up new fittings is easy, especially if you have ample room to work on the pipes. Even with restricted space, there are tools that allow you to cut the pipe from the inside. One is a Rigid internal waste pipe cutter and another is a circular plastic pipe cut-off saw that is fitted to a mandrel that you can use in an electric hand drill or your Dremel tool.

      Your main problem will be setting the new flange at the correct height.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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