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      Just bought a condo and wish to renovate our bathroom. We’d like to replace our existing (13 year old) 36 inch neo-angle shower stall with a rounded model if possible.

      The problem is that the drain is 15 1/4 inches from the wall to the center of the drain whereas the only current models we’ve seen in stores and plumbing supply companies in our area seem to be 12 inches or less. We know we can build a ceramic base but a rounded ceramic base would be a heck of a job.

      We’re in a cement condo and the downstairs neighbors won’t give permission to move the drain. Does anyone know of any brand of shower stalls with drains 15 1/4 inches from the wall? Alternatively, do any other solutions come to mind.


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      You can cut conc.floor in your apt. and install 2 pvc 90 are a st. el and a 90. If you have to youcan pour conc. slab on the floor to set your new base. If you dont want to break up conc.

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      Thx for the reply.

      Thought about that. We thought we could build a false foor and do as you suggest. However, we were told that the soap and bacteria that accumulate in that situation eventually become a major problem. That sounded logical to us so we started looking for other options.

      The thing that gets us is that this is an acrylic shower base with a drain in that spot. Someone manufactured it sometime.

      I actually located a 32 inch square base with a drain in that spot made by Manhattan. As I was about to order it, the sales person asked if I realized it was designed for a 3 wall installation. Mine has to go into a corner so I had to back off.

      If someone could list the brands out there, I’d be happy to research the models available. It seems that Manhattan is the only brand of bases that stores carry in my area. My searches on the internet have not really yielded anything useful so far.

      Thanks again.


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      For all of the headaches involved in trying to find a manufactured shower pan to fit your installation, I would recommend doing it the old-fashioned way, by building a shower pan into a wooden frame made to fit your drain lay out. You need to place a waterproof membrane or lead on top of which you lay mortar and then tile, fitting the drain and weep holes as per SOP. This really isn’t that hard, if you know what you’re doing. In fact, it’s a lot cheaper in materials than buying a prefab pan and stall, and I think it makes a better job.


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