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      I have an older shower stall that i need to replace It’s an older 3 family honme and I can only fit a 28″ shower stall. Last time I bought one it was not a 1 piece & it ended up cracking on the bottom. Does anyone know where I can special order this from? I’m in Massachusetss.

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      The IRC specifies a minimum area of 900 sq.in. (30 inch minimum diameter) and the UPC specifies a 1,024 sq.in minimum area for shower pans…Thus a 28 inch shower stall is too small to pass current US codes. If you have a built-in shower there, you might be able to get some sort of exemption for a “rebuild” of the existing fixture. Otherwise, you’ve got to eek out at least 2 extra inches in each dimension….


Viewing 2 reply threads
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