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      My water pipes make a high pitched whining noise when we use the outside faucets. The noise continues the whole time the water is running outside, both front and back.
      Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stop this? My husband has been pressure washing the deck and the noise is about to drive me crazy!!!

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      Sounds like you have a lot of water press. if you have a PRV valve on the main line turn it down ,did he turn it up for more press.

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      Another possibility is that you have clogged pipes. Most often, these are galvanized pipes with a build-up of calcium. The noise you hear is due to turbulence of the water flow, and this is especially noticeable in corroded pipes with a rough interior surface. Sometimes the straight runs of pipe are OK and the restriction is limited to bends (e.g. at risers and shut-off valves). So-called “high pressure” per se is rarely a cause of noisy pipes, if those pipes are properly sized, well secured, and have smooth internal bores. You could certainly try a PRV. It might reduce the noise, but even if it does, the “real” problem is likely to be pipe/valve restriction and/or turbulent water flow caused by rough internal pipe surfaces.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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