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      I have rerouted the copper heating pipes in concrete slab floor due to a renovation project. The pipes are in a trench and will be below the finish level of the slab.

      I’d like to fill in the trench with concrete to support a tile floor. Should I cover/coat the pipes with anything so that the concrete doesn’t contact the pipes to prevent them from being attacked by acids in the concrete?


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      I’m not a plumber but the answer is yes, although I don’t know with what. This should have been done before the pipes were installed. Copper in contact with concrete and soil can cause pinhole leaks to form.

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      Harold Kestenholz

      It is better to pull flexible copper through a PEX sleeve, so they can be pulled later for repair if ever needed. Black poly has been used as sleeving with success. Thin foam insulation around the outer sleeve helps preserve heat if not needed where it is buried. It also allows movement from expansion, contraction, slab movement without binding.

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      Yes Yes and YES!!!!!!!!! protect all copper pipes under concrete slabs – use denso tape or similar wrapping tape designed to prevent acids etc coming into contact with the copper, make sure you cover every exposed bit of any copper pipe when you wrap it around the pipe.
      Any joints under the concrete floor should be welded using silfos or silberloy welding rods.

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Viewing 3 reply threads
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