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      Water is seeping up on my bedroom floor in one corner. It appears to be coming throught the cement? The corner has soaked my carpet. The air conditioning unit is just 2 ft away and the other side of the wall is my kitchen sink which has leaked in the past. I am at loss of who to call and what and where the leak could be coming from. I have pulled my carpet up in the corner where the floor is getting wet/damp. The cement has been staying damp whether the air conditioning unit is on or off. It may be coming from behind the wall? The wall is dry, but the cement by the wall is damper than in the middle. Could this be plumbing or air conditioning problem, does anyone know?

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      Retired plbg1

      The way you said your AC was off and still wet sounds like a sink problem, call a LIC. plumber.

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      It could also be a lanscape drainage problem (water soaking into the foundation/slab from outside).


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      Call your insurance company and let them find and fix it at their cost.

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      Right on Bungie,got to agree.

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