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      My bathroom was remoldeled, among other places in my house, after I had 11 water pipes burst. Well, my insurance company hired contractors to fix up my house. Now, I don’t know if it is pure “luck” but my toilet has never flushed the same. The problem, the toilet bowl fills up, but doesn’t have the suction ability it used to have – therefore not completely flushing. The water is exchanged but the toilet paper and “other stuff” doesn’t. I already had it snaked, no cloggs were found and my dad even brought over a pressure machine whose purpose was to do the same. Any ideas…I don’t want to have to get a plumber – I can plunge it..but it is getting anoying. Could something have been done by the plumber to screw this up?

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      What made 11 pipes break, was the Plumber a lic. one are just a handyman. There could be something dow the line but check out these.
      Is your tank filling to mark in tank
      Is your flapper staying up long enough to make a good flush
      Look under rim with mirrow and see if holes are open, if not use coat hanger to open them
      If you have jet hole in bowl at back side see if that is open, could be something in bowl between tank and bowl.
      Final test take 5 gal. bucket of water and dump it fast in bowl and see if it goes down if so then check out list i gave you.

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      I assume that the 11 burst pipes were water supply lines, and that these were repaired and that your plumber did not change the DWV system or replace the toilet (i.e. with a “water saver” model). If so, and if your toilet flushed OK before, I can’t imagine why it doesn’t flush properly now, unless somethings wrong with your toilet (RP mentions what those problems could be). Another possibility is that whatever screwed up your supply lines (an earthquake??) screwed up your DWV lines as well.


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