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        I’m remodeling the bathroom of my 1918 bungalo and wish to move my toilet across the bathroom for an improved layout. Currently the center of the flange is about 18″ from the center of the soil stack and the pipe that runs horizontal between the two is 15″ below the floor, all cast iron. I want to move it 48″ further away from the soil stack. Is this feasible? Will the waste get caught up in this longer run? Do I need to slope it? How much? I was thinking of cutting the current horizontal piece off a few inches away from the soil stack and running the new with PVC. If I use a flexible connector can I slope the PVC a bit? Do I need to rethink my new layout?

        Thanks a bunch guys

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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          That will work okay but check your local Code. UPC & IPC code says 6 t0 8′ some say to center of 1/4 bend and some say up tho trap seal of toilet.

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