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      One of my toilets (which doen’s always get daily use) is losing or leaking water from the bowl, not the tank. There is no sign of this water leaking outside the bowl, on the floor, the level in the bowl just decreases every couple of days. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated

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      Disclaimer. I am not a plumber.

      But that being said, I think you will have to have a leak somewhere as there is no valve in the bowl. The watter pressure is what actually makes it flush.

      I will probably not be precice in terminology here, but the s shape in the toilet is designed so you have a balance of water in the bowl as to the other site (based on wanter level/pressure and the like) when you add water to the bowl, it throws off than balance, and the water flows to where less pressuer is. As the water flows, it starts a siphon and pulls the remainder of the water out of the bowl and into the pipes. When this siphon vacume os broken, you hear the ‘flush’

      I am pretty sure I am not wrong, but if the level is dropping I would say you do have a leak somewhere.

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      Retired plbg1

      It could be evaporation are a crack inside bowl are lack of venting when other fix. are used they pull the trap.

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      If you have a crack in the bowl, you should be able to find water leaking out onto the floor…somewhere. If it’s not apparent from above, check below the floor if you have access.

      Back-siphonage of water from the bowl to the drain has been known to occur in poorly or unvented systems, but it is extremely rare and almost always restricted to multilevel buildings.

      A more common, but overlooked, problem that causes bowl siphonage is the presence of some sort of partial obstruction in the bowl trap, especially something like cloth or tissue that “wicks” water from the bowl down into the drain line. The first thing I’d recommend is therefore snaking the bowl with a closet auger…


Viewing 3 reply threads
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