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      I have a 1 year old gas water heater and when it was installed the contractor said the supplier had some bad pressure relief valves that is why mine keeps driping water. Since then we have had three new valves the contractor who came out today to install a new one said if this doesnt fix the problem I need an expansion tank.

      Question is what is an expansion tank? How big is it or the average size one for a 50 gal water heater. How much space will this “tank” take up in my garage?

      how expensive is an expansion tank? Approximately?

      Thank you for any and all help!!!

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      The ones I saw on Com. WH was about the size of 5 Gal. bucket + or -. Go to and use there search and they might have a price on them and size, also try these sites.

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      Install a thermal expansion ball valve on the supply side of the heater .Ask your plumber about them.They are installed in place of an expansion tank and are approved to use.The ones I use are made by Watts.

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