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      Avatar photoLuke Mather

        My Gerber Ultra-flush system has stopped flushing. It tries to flush, but nothing much happens — a little noise, water runs for a nano-second. The weird thing is that if I turn off the water, drain the tank, turn the water back on and refill the tank, it will flush 1 or 2 times. Then it stops flushing again. I have replaced the cartridge, and am wondering if I should replace the upper and/or lower group parts as well. I have to special order them, as nobody seems to have them in stock around here. I can’t even find a plumber who knows anything about them in this area. Thanks for any suggestions, martha

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        Avatar photoKirk

          Martha, had the same problem w/sloan flushmate. turned out to be the tank(black vessel inside) itself leaking air/pressure from hair line crack. called sloan(# on label on vessel in tank/flushmate website) they sent me entire assly, free. was under warranty. were very helpful on phone/parts came 2 days later. easy to install.

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