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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        While out of town for the weekend, my toilet overflowed into the adjacent room, saturating the carpet. I plunged the toilet as hard as I could but nothing came up into the bowl.

        My ladlord is now threatening to bill us for the expense of the carpet padding and plumber fees if we’re at fault. But we hardly ever use this guest toilet, and we were gone for the weekend. Does anyone know why this may have happended.

        We’ve noticed in the past that we have head water filling into the tank several times throughout the day, but it’s never leaked/overflowed.

        Any information would be appreciated!

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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          e only thing I can say is that there must have been a stoppge down the line and backed up into your toilet.

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          Avatar photoracefanone

            If you can hear water running you have got a bad flapper or bad ballcock in your stool.Could be that the main line is plugged and the stool kept taking on water because of the bad parts inside and the mainline filled up because of the stoppage ,thus causing the overflow.

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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