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      Avatar photocmpjnk

        My gas water heater is 9 years old. I bought the house used so I have no idea if previous owners ever flushed out the tank. I have had the tank flushed periodically for the last few years – probably not often enough. On the last “flush”, as with the others, the tank released some water from a tube for a couple days. Now my tank has been dripping water for at least 2 1/2 weeks!
        A) What do you think the problem is?
        B) How expensive will it be to be replaced?
        C) How long should my water heater last? If I have to hire a company to fix it, I want to know what questions I should ask if they determine that the water heater has to be replaced.

        I have hard water – no softener. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

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        Avatar photonicktheplumber

          Gas water heaters are rated as “good,” “better,” and “best” by most suppliers, with the ratings correlating to higer prices and longer “warrantee” service lives.

          Like any other mass-produced item, water heaters have “statistical” lifespans. I have seen “cheap” units that have served for a quarter century or more, and “expensive” units that have failed after a couple of years. A significant consideration is the the quality of your water supply, e.g. hard or soft water, and a few other things.

          That being said, replacement water heaters are cheap, at least here in the USA. If your heater has failed “before its time,” you should persue getting the manufacturer to replace it under warrantee. The cost difference between “good” and “best” heaters is not much, so I always advise purchasing the “best.”


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          Avatar photonicktheplumber


            As regards the lifespan of water heaters, 9 years is a long time. The “best” heaters are warranteed for 10-12 years.


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            Avatar photoChel

              Thanks much, Nick for your reply. A friend came out and looked at the unit, and if anyone else is having the same problem, all he did was to replace the pressure relief valve and it solved our problem. No new water heater needed right now, but I’ll definitely keep your info handy, Nick. Thanks again.

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              Avatar photonicktheplumber

                I forgot to address your main complaint, namely that the heater leaked after the flushing…apparently it was leaking through the T&P overflow valve. You should not flush a heater using the T&P valve. It should be flushed through the drain cock hose bib at the bottom of the heater…


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