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      There is a noise that comes from the vicinity our jetted bathtub at random times – sometimes once or twice a day. Sometimes it happens at night and wakes us up.
      It is quite loud and reverberates the fiberglass enclosure of the tub such that we can hear it throughout the house.
      We are wondering if there could be a sump pump that is separate from the recirculating pump that is the source of this noise.

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      Retired plbg1

      Why would there be a sump pump. some times that pvc will make a noise depending on the weather.

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      Thank you Retired plbr for your advice and to this forum for solving the problem. I turned off the water to the stool that is near tub for 24 hours. No more noises.

      I then let a bit of water leak past the flapper valve by lifting the chain slightly. Suddently the float valve started making the noise that I referred to.

      I checked the flapper value and found that it was eroding and probably had become permiable because it wasn’t visibly leaking into the bowl. I replaced it and tickered with the adjustment screws on the float value and was able to stop the noise.

      Thank you very much. I would never have guessed that something this small could make such a loud noise throughout the house. The bathtub has fiberglass enclosures that act like an amplifier.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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