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      Caitlin McPherson

      okay first things first, there is a white valve near the bottom of my hot water tank. it has one white knob and a black knob. the white knob–when turned–drips small amounts of water on the ground. the black knob does nothing when turned. however, the white valve has been leaking for about 1 week now and its covering my floor with water, and it will not stop leaking. i don’t know what the problem is–its not the T&P valve–can anyone help? thanks

      – Stoggy

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      Retired plbg1

      The heater might have sediment in the bottom and when you opened it some got between washer and seat, either take valve out are go and buy a cap at Plumbing supply house made to cap up the valve. For as the other handle on it you would have to send me a pic. before I could tell you what it was, It could be and openning for a return line.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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