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      I have a rather odd ball situation with a 1/2 bath on the ground floor of our townhouse. Recently removing the vynl to replace with tile I discovered the toilet leaking very badly. After removing it I discovered that it was bolted to the cement slab with no flange. Worse yet the waste pipe measures 2 3/4 inches inside diameter, is set in the concrete slab flush with the floor no room to put a collar around the outer pipe and too small inside diameter for inside the pipe. Any ideas other than selling the townhouse as is.

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      You will need to chisel out the slab from around to riser to the toilet to give yourself enough room to insert a hubless connector to connect the riser to a proper flange. You may have to chip away a bit of concrete to accomplish this, and you may have to cut the riser to allow proper placement of the flange at just above the floor level. Special pipe-cutting tools are available for this latter procedure, but they are costly. You should be able to hire a competent plumber for less than the cost and aggravation of doing the job yourself.


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