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      i have a very old toilet with a wall hung tank. water leaking through the floor below the toilet prompted my attempt to replace the wax ring. after diconnecting the pipe from the tank to the bowl i found the bowl completely un attached to the floor. the flange appeaered to have been soldered to the waste pipe but ahd broken off. the flange was stuck on the underside of the bowl. it also appears that a second piece that fits into the horn was screwed to and then soldered to the flange. i have no idea what to do next. supply store guy admitted he never saw such a thing. we tried to retro fit newer parts with no luck. any advice?? thanks. rick

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      Sounds like you have a lead waste line and a piece of lead soldered to a closet flange these are known as a lead dutchman.Your best bet would be to call in plumber.If you can clean it all up and it is in good shape ,you might be able to slip the lead piece back into the waste line and re scure the flange to the floor,then reset the stool.A two piece wall hung tank type stool will give you a fit if you have never done it before.Good luck

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