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        i need a question answered please, I’m disputing with these people I live with over me putting paper towels in the toilet. I know its not as disolvable as toilet paper, but is it ok to toss them in there? I’ve done it many times, for many different reasons, such as I ran out of toilet paper, but i dont over do it it with the stuff, I put 1 or 2 sheets in at the most and i dont scrunch it all together to form a ball either. I mean theres a lot worse things that can fit in a toilet drain……………… Thanks

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          Paper towels are not made for toilets, toilet paper absorbs the water and deteriates but paper towels dont. The old 3or 4 gal. toilets had a bigger hole in them but the new ones dont, so you better stop using them are come up with a good sewer cleanning bill later.

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