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      This is a follow up tp my post last week. Retired plumber suggested there might be some galvanized pipe or a nipple near or in one of the fixtures in the basement, ther are only copper pipes and brass fixtures involved.

      Are there any other possible causes?

      Original post:
      We replaced all the remaining galvanized water pipes in the basement a month ago and since then have been getting rusty water every few days to a week apart. It is only cold water and only at the laundry tub faucet or in the washer. There are no more old pipes in the system anywhere. All the strainers have been cleaned. Any idea where this might be coming from? The water co says they are not doing anything to cause it either.

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      Retired plbg1

      How about your water service what kind of pipe is that. Was there work done on the water main in the street.

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