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      I own an older Simpson Washing Machine, Model 124, which i think needs a filter replacement. Dark clothes that go in, come out white with lint and fluff. Can anyone tell me how to dismantle the machine, or direct me to some DIY books?? Thanks.

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      Check and see if they have a web site to get a drawing, are go to a search and put name in and see what comes up, are ask for drawing.

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      I don’t think you have to dismantle the washer to find out where your lint collected is or where it is stopped up. Most washers the front comes off and you have easy access to view all the parts. I just found out that the older washers had their own lint filter that manually the lint had to be removed. Now most new washers have the lint removed automatically. You have to make sure you use enough water to work automatically. The lint filter on my old Maytag was on top of the agitator. Larry

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