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      Hi, I’m hoping some can give me some advice, before I call an expensive plumber (not that they aren’t work every cent they charge).

      I have Moen Faucets in my bathroom sick. The taps are 23 years old. This week the water pressure dropped to “hardly enough to brush your teeth”. Don’t laugh……not that I expect even a Moen tap to last forever, but does this mean they are probably worn out, a certain part worn out, or perhaps another problem in the house. I don’t have any leaking water.

      Thanks for your advice.

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      Retired plbg1

      Did you check the areater and see if it is clogged up with lime deposits. Go to and checkout the faucet.

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      Did you make sure the cutoff faucet under the sink is turnedon all the way? Is this bath the only room with low water pressure? Most homes have the cutoff fixture so you can turn water down or off when working on the plumbing. Handyman51

Viewing 2 reply threads
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