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        I was thinking of purchasing an RO systems. I was told by my instant water heater guys that since RO removes all the metals from the water, the water can not be send to the instant water heater and also to the copper tubing. That is because the water then is going to leach the metal in the tube and inside the water heater over time, it would make pits and holes in the tubing. They also said that the water is going to taste metalic as well. Is this true and I should not use a RO system with my instant water heater or send it to my dual handle faucet which I bought to have my filtered water and hot water? Please let me know what you think or if you could refer me to any place with information on this issue as a problem. Thanks.


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          RO systems can not have contact with any metal piping or faucets made from metal.An ro system can cause you more problems if you dont maintain it properly.

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