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        Hello all! I’m glad to have found you. I do hope someone can help me. Our hot water heater has started causing the breaker to be flipped off in the breaker box (sorry for the incorrect lingo). It has happened three times this morning.

        What do I do? What do I look for? Please help. I need a shower! Ü Thanks!

        ~Dana in MS~

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        Avatar photoDana_in_MS

          Hi all. I looked at the water heater and it had rusty water dripping from that top screwed on plate thing and it smelled like something was/had burned. I called Scooter (our friendly appliance repair guy) and he came right out. Seems the water heater had developed a leak at sometime and now the whole thing is burned up (more unofficial lingo…sorry). Bottom line is that we need a new water heater.

          Just wanted to update y’all.

          ~Dana in MS~

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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