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      We have a 24 yr-old house on a slab with copper pipe. The pipes have begun having many pinholes…we believe due to chemicals in our well water. We need to re-plumb but don’t want leaks in our ceiling later. What would you recommend in Oklahoma for the proper pipe to use in the ceiling? A local plumber wanted to use Quest pipe as it could be run in ceiling without any joints to leak up there.

      Please advise. Thank you.

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      Poly Doctor

      Here are some sites where you can look at the qualities of CPVC and PEX, two good replacement choices if you don’t want to go with copper.

      Here are sites offering information about replacement pipes.

      Copper Info –

      PEX Info –

      CPVC Info –

      And here is a site to visit if you would like information about repiping. The information is directed to polybutylene repipes, but the process is the same. If you would like a referral to an expert repipe contractor in your area, just e-mail us at


      Poly Doctor

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      You can use PEX or CPVC, but Qest piping is polybutylene which is what most repipes are replacing.

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      Since you posted this in March, have you found the cause of the pin-hole leaks? Please advise. There are 3 possibilites listed under Pin hole leaks in copper dated9/16/00 by SteveG.

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