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        1. I had my bathrooms renovated with the ReBath tubs in October 1999. The upstairs bath tub leaks throug to the downstairs bathroom when the tub is used. Is this supposed to happen so soon? If this is overflow, whouldn’t it run into the overflow valve and down the drain?

        2. There is water trapped between the old tub and the liner in the downstairs bathroom. Is this normal?

        3. Did I make a mistake in selecting the product, or was it the plumber?

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          1. The drain connection is still critical even, or especially with, that liner. If the bottom plug does not have a good gasket, the water will leak through it. If the overflow is leaking, then the water will either get between the tub and the liner, or leak into the lower level.

          2. Water between the liner and tub is not an ideal situation, but I would have to say that it is almost normal with that type of liner.

          3. I would not say you made a bad decision, only that I would not have made it personally. It could be a bad installation or a mismatch between your tub and the liner.

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