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        I have 2 three year old Kohler Rosario Lite Toilets (K-3434)that have developed leaks in the past week. Flapper replacement hasn’t helped. The green fiber sealing gasket at the bottom of the tank seems to have become pourous and leaks no matter how much I try to squeeze it with the black tube the flapper valve pivots on. Can anyone tell me if the green gasket can be replaced with something that will be longer lasting and how do I get the fitting tight enought to stop the slow leak?



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        Avatar photoScott Bryan

          Carlo7, When you replaced the flappers did you use original kohler parts? If not make sure you do it makes a big difference. As far a the spounge seal goes kohler makes the only gasket that will work. Use the link below to get a complete parts breakdown with the proper part numbers and be sure to use original parts. Good luck,


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