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      Avatar photoMalcolm Thomas Churcher

        When I run the garbage disposal (left compartment of sink), a geyser of water & food come up through the drain hole in the right compartment of the sink. The disposal drain and the right sink drain are attached by two L-shaped pipes. Should I try to install a J-shaped pipe under the disposal to help the situation? Any other advice? Thanks!

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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          Maybe your trap is partly stopped up, try not to put so much water in it.

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          Avatar photoracefanone

            Your drain is plugged

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            Avatar photoSelgas

              Unblock your drain pipe to allow the water and food particals to flush properly.
              Always run heaps of water through the waste when you use a wastemaster as it helps to ensure all the food particals are flushed down the drainpipe to the teminal and do not dry and stick in the waste pipe resulting in exactly what you have there now – a partically blocked drain waste pipe.

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          Viewing 3 reply threads
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