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      Avatar photoCarl Priest

        I have a couple of questions regarding the installation of a toilet in the basement of my townhouse, on a concrete slab. It was roughed in with the PVC flange/waste cap flush against the concrete. The slots for the closet bolts are not aligned correctly so that the toilet would not be aligned parallel to the wall behind the tank.
        1. Do I need to anchor the toilet flange into the concrete using tapcons? Can I even do this since the flange is already mounted to the waste pipe and flush with the slab?

        2. Will PVC spacers allow me to raise the flange to the level of finished floor and effectively keep the toilet from leaking? I plan to use a metal flange collar to correct the problem with the misaligned closet bolt slots.

        3. There is a slight crack at one of the closet bolt slots. Will this adveresely affect the installation? It seems pretty rigid there.

        4. If the flange needs to be replaced, how do I do this? Will I have to break up the slab to get far enough down on the waste pipe to cut it and reinstall the flange?

        Any info at all including, comments, ideas criticisms etc. will be greatly appreciated. I want to make sure I do this right. Thanks!!!!

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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          They make a flange that turns but you have to get in the holes of the other one to use i check it out, if you have to cut it and iis 4′ pipe you can cut old one even with floor and get a 3′ flange that will fit inside of the 4″get a flush tipe.

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