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      Avatar photochuck mustin

        I have low water pressure at all my faucets, inside and outside. I had the water company come out and check it. They told me the water flow is slightly above normal and that I probably need to replace or have the screen in my regulator cleaned. After I opened it and cleaned the screen, the water pressure is still very low.
        I’m trying to avoid paying a plumber for something that might be very simple to fix myself. Can anyone tell me what the problem may be, and if it is something I could do myself? Thanks.

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        Avatar photojohnws

          Sounds to me like you may have galv pipes. This would give the result you have. The water authority would measure your pressure when static (nothing working) but when you turn on a faucet the pressure drops considerably due to restricted flow. Check and if this is the case then get a tradesman in to give you your options.

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          Avatar photoLoodGieter

            thanks john

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