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      We have moved into a new house and for some reason we are getting puddles of water in the cupboard under the sink, there do not appear to be any leaks and I have wrapped the pipes to avoid condensation, does anyone know what may be causing this it is driving me mad!!!!!!


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      It might be on the drain, fill up sink and open drain and look to see if there is a leak. If house is under warranty call the Plumber to check it out.

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      You have some sort of leak, no question about it. The leak can be coming from only three places: 1) the drain pipes; 2) the supply pipes; and 3) from the faucets or sink surround from above the sink itself.

      Put a stopper in the drain and run water into the sink. If it leaks, you have a leak from above. If there is no leak, turn of the faucets and let the water run through the drain. If it leaks then, you have a drain leak. If it leaks when the faucets are turned off and there is no water in the sink (i.e., if it leaks “all the time”), you have a leak in the supply fittings to the faucet.

      As you can see, the diagnosis of plumbing problems is extremely logical.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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