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      Nearest State dealer in Greenville, SC. We bought a house with a State water heater and it is leaking water
      from the pressure relief valve. We replaced the old one and it is still leaking. We also put a pressure regulator on
      our incoming line set at 50 pounds. Please let us know if you can be of assistance. Thank you, Ted Steiner.

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      tom krochmal1

      Ted you need to install a expansion tank on your heater.Be sure to use one rated for domestic pressure and conditions.

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      If you have a preasure regulator on your water service or a check valve in your service it may be necessary to install a line preasure expansion tank. You can check by installing a preasure guage on your water line on the house side of the regulator/check valve, run your hot water until the water cuts in, shut off ALL faucets, and recheck preasure when the W/H shuts off. If the preasure goes above 80lb. you should add an expansion tank.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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