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      I have a well water supply and I just replaced my pressure tank now I have great water pressure comming through to my shower…. now my problem is that when I turn on the shower I get hot water for the first thirty seconds or so and then it turns luke warm. the pressure is still great but the water is not hot. what could be the problem? P.S. I have a tankless oil burner… and all the other faucets in the house get an endless hot water supply… the only place that doesnt is the shower! Any advice? thank you

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      Sounds like you need a Pressure balanced shower valve.Go on the net and find out about them.

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      Do you have a single handle or a two handle valve?The purpose of a pressure balanced valve is to maintain the same flow of hot or cold water to the valve when someone uses a fixture elsewhere in the house ,thus stoping a sudden burst of hot or cold water.If this happens each time you use the shower you could have a bad valve or you could have a pressure balanced valve now and it is not working right .It’s a little hard to say without actually being there to see what type of valve you have.

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