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      christopher rendon

      Sometimes, not every time, one of the toilets in my house will not refill (refills at an almost unnoticable rate) after a flush.

      I noticed, that when it happens, the pump pressure is just above 20 psi, the cut-on pressure.

      This does not happen with the other toilet and the faucets work OK. I simply turn on a faucet until the pump runs and then the toilet fills normally.

      My question is, does this have something to do with the float valve inside the toilet tank, which could be fixed by replacing the insides of the toilet tank, or is it more likely some interference in the supply pipe?



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      Might have to replace the ballcock.Some ballcocks have an adjustment screw that allows for the water to be regulated when filling the tank,but most dont work because of not of being used.I would replace the ballcock.

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