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      I have an old toilet tank that has a small crack in the bottom and leaks very slightly. The lid of the tank is marked F405485, T5, Sept 11, 1938. The toilet says “Standard” compact. I would like to get a new tank. My repairs inside the tank with marine glue have not worked. Does anyone know where I can purchase old tanks?

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      I had a tank that was cracked on the bottom, I drained out water let it dry and mixed up egg white and plaster paris like a wet puddy and spread it over crack forcing it in and let dry. I lived there for 27 yrs. and sold the house and never leaked. Here is e-mail add. for old tanks. Let me know if he has one.

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      Why would you want to keep such a toilet? It’s 65 years old! It’s probably a two-piece wash-down unit. It probably flushes real good because it dumps 5+ gallons down the drain per flush and is noisy as heck…Unless your crapper is a vintage work of art, I’d recommend installing a more efficient modern crapper. You can find modern units that look quite vintage but work more efficiently.


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