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      Chris Major

      Help – I have dug a trench between my house and the fence in clay soil and was about to lay ag-pipe except I cannot connect it to the stormwater pipe – what can I do ? Will a trench filled with blue metal and sand be sufficient to hold the water until the clay absorbs it ?


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      Retired plbg1

      You kind of got me, what is the blue metal and sand for. If you need a pit dig one and fill it with rock and thr ground willabsorb the water. what is this ditch for. Give more detail.

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      The trench isto redirect and catch water run off from the front of the house that was originally flooding the front rooms. I thought I could include a pipe to run the water into the stormwater line – not a good idea apparently; so I’m left with the option of just leaving the water in the trench for the clay to absorb – eventually. Any other ideas ?


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