Tying in a 2″ ABS drain pipe to a 3″ cast iron drain

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      I’m doing a remodel and the plumbing inspector dinged me on a few things–one being he wants a “mission clamp” connecting the new 2″ ABS to the old cast iron in our root cellar that goes out the foundation wall and connects to our clay sewer line. Currently, I have this configured using a neoprene doughnut wedged into the cast iron. How can I fit a “mission clamp” onto this cast iron hub that is bigger than the ABS pipe? What exactly is a mission clamp? Help!!!

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      Use a 3×2 nohub reducer and a nohub clamp on each side.

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      depending on the size of the cast iron for example if it is 4″ cast iron then use a 4″ mission no hub clamp to connect to the cast iron and a 4 2 abs bushing to connect to the 2 in abs pipe

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      Mission is a manufacture: http://www.missionrubber.com

Viewing 3 reply threads
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