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      Avatar photoJohn Watson

        I read with interest the Editors opening letter in the Plumbnews Newsletter where the Editor requested more Participation by members, Industry & Plumbing Manufacturers in an effort to raise the image of Professionals & the knowledge contained within the industry.
        It went on to state that the Forum was put in place to allow Plumbers, Manufacturers & industry Professionals to freely discuss Plumbing Methods& assist the public in becoming aware of the important role that “Plumbers” provide & safety to them and their homes by using “Qualified” Plumbers & appropriate materials for the specific task.
        In the past several years that I have been involved in this Forum, I have noticed a degeneration of posts – mainly from USA where it is the God given right of every American to carry out their own Plumbing.
        I have argued that with America’s fragmented plumbing regulations & hence its fragmented inspection process, there is an inherant problem of “Unlicensed” Plumbing carried out.
        When a individual carries out plumbing that is connected to the community services, eg Sewer & Water, there is a potential threat to the Community Health unless the Plumbing is carried out correctly.
        Licensed Plumbers are Insured & responsible for any work they carry out, but unlicensed individuals are absolutly not.
        Some say that they have seen plumbing carried out by unlicensed persons that is far better than licensed persons, I have no problem with that view, however they are still not responsible & either should be Licensed or work under a licensee.
        I am not sorry for my ideals as I am proud of my profession & unnashaimably Chouvanistic concerning Plumbing.
        Most posts on this Forum end with the rider that the poster should engage a Licensed Plumber.
        I know that Mr Sylvan raised the ire of the Editor because of his staunch Professional code of ethics. He did on occasions let fly with some rather critical observations of what he still calls “*********** “
        In any democracy there should be fanatics on either side of any arguement so as to engender discussion & concensus.
        I would suggest in an effort to engender forthright discussion that – Sylvan be offered the oportunity to again post on this Forum.
        Mr Sylvan, might I suggest you go to “Anger” managment classes.
        Mr Moderator your job is to moderate, I believe that Mr Sylvan has been punished enough, & is truly repentant.

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        Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

          Is there nobody on this list that remembers the discussions that was engendered when Sylvan etc were allowed to post.
          My point is that to raise the profile of Plumbers they must be allowed to discuss contentious issues.
          To get Concensus there must be the for & agin. this discussion process will be fraught with danger & it is the Moderator that must moderate but not destroy free speech.
          Mr Sylvan may have been abrasive to the point of insulting but he only picked on non proffessionals who didnt raise the profile of the industry.
          We now have both non proffessionals & proffessionals giving advice to DIY leypeople.
          It is my oppinion that the Moderator should delete any post that gives technical advice.


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          Avatar photoSelgas


            I read your dissitation with intense interest – I too am agast at some of things that are said and actually happen in this forum – I still cannot figure out how they do things in USA that would comply let alone work – even after spending a considerable time there myself.

            As is always the case there has to be someone that will dissagree with others and I will be the first to act in this instance with your last line of your statement regarding technical advice given to others.

            I beleive as a professional tradesperson in my trade and in doing so will give technical advise when it is saught and appropriate, however I will always draw the line when asked to detail how a thing is dissassembled for repair or how an object is actually installed. The later I beleive is where the tradesperson comes into the equation and DYO’s go out the window.

            Unfortunately or otherwise I was not a member of this forum when the Mr Sylvan saga eventuated or is that escalated.

            Thank you for being bold enough to post your beliefs for all to see.

            Selgas Services Ltd
            Craftsman Gasfitters, Plumbers, Electrical Service Technicians

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