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      I need to replace the top element in my electric hot water heater I know how to do this and have done it many times before but I cannot get the element out this time I have a element socket and ratchet but i cannot seem to get the element to budge there does seem to be some corrosion and a little rust around the edges of the element …does anyone have anytips on how to remove the element or know of a product i can use to remove the corosion and rust?

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      Nothing short of a bit of mussel and grunting with the element spanner is best, if all else fails you could drill it out through the centre then insert a hacksaw blade through the drill hole and cut just enuff of the element to enable you to split it and then get it out through the threads. When you put in anew element is always pays to put a little graphite paste on the element threads to eliminate this kind of a problem happening. Hope this helps.

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Viewing 1 reply thread
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